Customer Reviews & Letters 

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for a quality product. Too many times you see advertisements on television or the internet and if you order the product what you receive is of inferior quality that can not perform as advertised. Your fan is much different! I ordered it for my 88 year old father who still plays golf 2-3 days a week. I was worried about him playing in the heat of a Georgia summer. By simply turning the fan off when he gets out to putt the battery will last at high speed the entire 18 holes each time he plays. He normally gets worn down by heat by the 13th -14th hole. No more! It is a comfort to me to know that he is not overheating now that he has his PGF. Maybe this will help keep him around a few years longer! Again, thank you for a product that works as advertised!

Ken G.

The personal golf totes arrived last Monday and I LOVE them! They are beautiful! Such a quick service and a great product. I’m excited to give my friend hers for Christmas. I will show mine to our Pro and recommend your company.


I own a PGF and may I say it’s one of the best products I’ve purchased. I work at the Cascades Golf and Country Club and am happy to show and demonstrate the PGF

Larry N.

Accident on I95 with a temperature of 102˚ .... what a livesaver for us to have your PGF Fan. Good for something other than golf!!

Phyllis and Bob P.

I received my PGF-V fan just in time for the southern heat wave, and the PGF-V allowed me to play golf even on the hottest days. I recommend it for those hot days !!

 Ronnie B

I got my fan, and it is amazing. The air output is better than promised. I also loved all the cup adapters. THANK YOU. After 50 years of golfing in the heat, I finally have some relief.

Carol S.

Cynthia, thank you for your company’s integrity in standing behind your product. Your customer support and service are excellent!

Liz J.

Received my GoFan in the mail today—fixed and running great. Thank you so much for standing behind your product and seeing that your customers are taken care of. Arkansas summers are hot, just like your Texas summers are. Playing golf is made more comfortable with a GoFan. I have to have it in my cart.

Faith H

The Personal GO Fan is a WINNER! What a great product! I love the power, durability, and rechargabilty of this portable fan...just terrific! I am using it in my office at my golf facility and in the golf cart when I am doing on-course play sessions with students. It is wonderful in our Texas heat! Thank you for a great cooling your Golf Tote too! I definitely recommend this portable fan and will not be disappointed!

Deb V
LPGA Master Professional, PGS Honorary Director,  Riverbend Country Club
Houston, Texas

Just received my golf tote for the golf cart and am thrilled with the size, shape and quality of the bag. So often, especially in questionable weather, I seem to have more "stuff" to haul with me than space, and this bag makes so much sense to me. The fact that it is set up to balance perfectly against the side of the cart without spilling is an engineering marvel to me. I'm going to show this bag to the ladies at my club who will be ordering tee prizes for our member guest tournament next spring, and hope they love it as much as I do! Just wanted to pass along my positive comments. Thank you.

Anne L.

Thank you again. As a small business owner I have been very impressed with your service. It motivated me to have a staff meeting today and talk about the importance of giving that to our customers as well. Thank you for the help and inspiration!

Chis B.

The totes were fantastic!!! The members and their guests loved them!

JR - Boca West Country Club

My husband loves his fan! Best gift he has ever received for Christmas! Happy 2017!Extremely Happy Customer from Texas!


I’ve had the pleasure of using my Personal Go Fan for almost 6 months now and it’s simply awesome! During the summer our family enjoys using it at swim team practices and swim meets. It really helps keep me cool when I’m golfing outside in the 98+ degree Texas heat & humidity.

Chris S.

Love my fan. In a recent tournament my partner suffered heat stroke on our 16th hole of the day. Having the fan on high stabilized him so that I could get him the help he needed. Playing golf in Florida, your fan is definitely making golf more enjoyable and my friend looks forward to getting his own after your fan saved him from serious heat stroke.

Reese N.

I want to thank you for making this fantastic fan. I balked the first year it came out from spending this much money on a cart fan and then I balked at the Florida heat. Let me tell that I love this fan!!! In the recent Florida temps reaching above 100 degrees, this fan is the only way I was able to play golf. I recommend it to everyone that plays in any hot or humid conditions. It delivers right on with it's cost! If it broke, I'd immediately be online to order a new one. Thank you PGF for such fabulous deliverable product!

Barbara F.

I’m so glad I have my PGF-V! It works great in my boat to keep me cool!! I never leave the dock without it.

Zack B.

I’m loving my new PGF-V. Perfect fit in my boat.

Willie G.

I was recently introduced to The Personal Golf Tote and found this to be the perfect VIP Gift for Challenge Aspen’s 13th annual Vince Gill & Amy Grant Gala and Golf Classic on August 2, 2016. After 12 years of hosting a prestigious tournament/fundraiser, it can be difficult to find a unique VIP gift. I was stumped until I was introduced to The Personal Golf Tote.This tote is customized with our Challenge Aspen embroidered logo and provides plenty of much-needed storage for golf carts as it hangs over the handrails of the cart. This is perfect for car keys, cell phones, water bottles, purses or whatever you have with you for your day on the links.Not only are these a unique, functional gift, Cynthia Wark with Personal Golf Totes has been an absolute pleasure to work with during the selection and ordering process.I highly recommend this for any golf favor or golf retailer. Your recipients/buyers will be absolutely thrilled with this one-of-a-kind product!

Alli Stitle - Challenge Aspen, Director of Development & Marketing

I have been a PGA Golf Professional for 17 years at several different facilities. I was first introduced to the personal golf tote bag last year by my female members who had seen it. They wanted to have it as a tee prize for our member-guest tournament in 2015. I put together an order for that, and since, two more orders because of the success and popularity of the tote. This unique product is a niche. In my experience of managing facilities, so often you see golfers use the back basket or cubby holes on a golf cart being used to store personal items(jewelry, wallets, phones, shoes, etc.). The personal golf tote provides protection from misplacing your personal items as it hooks right onto the side rail of a golf cart; your items are right at your side! It's a great efficient product and in all my years as a golf professional, I've never seen anything quite like it.

John Rogers - PGA The Club at Rainmakers, Head Golf Professional

I have just recently ordered a customized tee bag and fan. I was the only golfing partner in Houston without the equipment. With this fan now open up playing at any time of the day. I first saw this advertised in the Katy Lifestyles Magazine by Fortbend Publishing. This has become necessary equipment for all avid golfers and they are amazing in the amount of air they move and for the length of time they can move it. These are really neat products.

Mel W.

 My name is Jason Alexander and I am the Head Golf Professional at The Club at Carlton Woods. This note is not a sales pitch, but rather and endorsement of one of the most amazing ladies I have had the pleasure to meet in my 11 years in the golf industry. Mrs. Cynthia Wark is a remarkable women with innovative products that make playing golf more fun! Her PGF Fan was a huge success in our business, and she has followed it up with the golf tote. The tote has been a great seller at our club and a big hit as a tee gift for our Ladies Member Guest. The women’s group at our club all have Mrs. Wark’s fan and tote which speaks to the popularity of the merchandise. I have been running tournaments at Carlton Woods for over 7 years and Mrs. Warks’s merchandise has been hands down the most creative and unique items we have sold. She is an innovator in our business, and just like her products, exceptional.

Jason Alexander

I love love love my new tote! My husband loves having the "trunk" of the golf cart to himself. Thanks for a great monogrammed tote!


I purchased the PGF after seeing it at Golffest in the Villages and at the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando. I LOVE this product! This has gotten me through summer in central Florida! Brought it today to ladies day at Hacienda Hills in the Villages and 2 golf groups came up to me and asked me about the fan. They took down the info. Hope you sell more! Great product!

Justine S.

I would like to take a few minutes to thank you for absolutely outstanding customer support and service. Liz and your company went way beyond what one would have ever expected. Again the PGF fan is a great product, keeps us cool on those hot days in Va. and is great to ward off those pesty gnats as well. Our fellow golfers are often seen in our cart "borrowing" the nice breeze the PGF produces. Just amazing how such a small fan can produce a breeze that feels like 20 mph.. Thanks again for everything you have done.Your company is the BEST !!

Greg H

Thank you so much for replacing my fan. It arrived this morning. We use it a great deal and have come to rely on it when the weather is hot and we need to leave our boxer in our car for a while. In fact, last summer the dog had to stay in the car for nearly 7 hours while crossing the Gulf of St. Lawrence on our trip to Newfoundland. The fan worked great. I've recommended it to all the pet owners I know. I can't say enough great things about how you and your company have treated us. I wish more companies would stand behind their products as you do. Thanks once again for the wonderful care and service.

JD Dorchester, Ontario, Canada

“My son admired your fan at a golf tournament. I bought him one from the Miami Shores Country Club; they purchased 4 at my recommendation. My son used his fan in the cup holder of his 65 foot yacht: on the bridge where there is no air conditioning. He drives the boat and said the fan was fantastic beyond words...very excited.Your Product made me a hero. Thanks

Harvey W.

“Wow. FANtastic!!! I play often in South Alabama in 90˚ temps and 90% humidity....even though we start early in the morning. After suffering last weekend I researched “golf fans” and found the PGF was highly rated. The price seemed a little steep until I realized it was half the price of a new driver and priceless when thinking about heat exhaustion. My wife bought it for me for Fathers Day and I used it today in a golf tournament. I absolutely loved it. It kept me much cooler and fit in the cart perfectly. Other golfers were amazed at this invention and it got a lot of looks. My golf buddy immediately bought one for himself. Thanks again for the great product. It will get many years of thankful use.”

Richard H.

“Thank you very much for your speedy reply. I’ve just ordered and made my Husband the happiest guy in his golf group. While we are members of the cannongate group in Georgia I found your product in the magazine at Summergrove Golf Club (we live at the 18th hole). I will make it a priority to let everyone know about this product (which I think is the most fantastic idea to hit golf in years!) Thank you for being such an amazing person! ”

Dorian C.

“I just want to take a minute to say “thank you” for developing this fan. As a Florida Golfer, I have tried so many products to help me survive the heat, humidity and bugs of summer. I have dealt with cords, clips, clamps, heavy batteries, and noisy fans; all worse to deal with than the bugs and heat. The Personal Golf Fan is fabulous. It is lightweight. It has a long-lasting chargeable battery. It sits securely in the cup holder. It is quiet But best of all, it creates a strong stream of fresh air. Thank you for helping make this a much more enjoyable summer on the golf course.”

Linda B.

“I am totally shocked by your methods of keeping me totally satisfied with your company. If more companies did what you are doing for me, they would be more profitable. I am happy to be your customer.”

Alex B.

“I just got back from our WSGA Senior Championship in Kerrville. I wanted to let you know that the ladies loved the tote bag. It was nice to see them all using the totes on their carts during the tournament. I’m sure you’ll get lots of future sales from those ladies. It was so nice to work with your company. Everyone was so helpful and easy to work with. I will definitely pass along your information to our ladies.

Lecia A