Feeling is believing the Power of the PGF-V!!

The only way to experience the Personal GO fan is to take it out and test its performance.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee

Only for online purchases

Your 10 day trial period begins when you receive the PGF-V. Not when it is shipped!

If you need to return the PGF-V for any reason, we will provide you a full refund - you would only be responsible for the shipping.

Return Process
Any items that have been altered or damaged cannot be accepted for return. Returns without a return authorization code, and improperly packed or uninsured will be refused upon receiptOnce our Quality Assurance department has received and accepted the PGF-V, your refund will be processed immediately.

How to Prepare a Return

To return the PGF-V to Cynwark Corp., follow these 4 steps:

1. Get your return authorization code. Call 1-888-938-6672 and you will be given a Return Authorization Code. Write this code in the form provided below.

2. Package your return.

3. Write the return authorization code on the box.

4. Insure your PGF-V.

If you have any further questions about our return policy please contact us at info@pgffan.com or call 1-888-938-6672.

CYNWARK Corporation 6700 Woodlands Parkway STE 230-139
The Woodlands, TX 77382

Phone Support: 888-938-6672